Laser Treatments

At Perceptions, we offer a variety of laser treatments ranging from

Laser Hair Removal to CO2 Skin Resurfacing. 


This therapeutic light technology helps resolve areas of hyperpigmentation (brown spots) caused by excessive sun exposure. As an added benefit it also reduces areas of increased vascularity (redness), caused by Rosacea or excessive sun damage.

Things to know before your photofacial:

-No retinol products, AHA/BHA, hydroquinone, or glycolic acids for 10 days

-No recent sun exposure

-No antibitoics for 10 days

-Skin Resurfacing-

This 1540 is a minimally invasive laser treatment targeting the papillary dermis removing fine lines and wrinkles, while reducing pore size and evening texture. Experience long-term results with no surface damage.

For more information on our 1540 Laser, click here 


Things to know before resurfacing:

-No retinol products, AHA/BHA, hydroquinone, or glycolic acids for 10 days

-No Botox or fillers for minimum 10 days 

-No recent sun exposure

-Laser Hair Removal-

Our laser technology provides a highly effective and comfortable way to eliminate undesirable hair for all parts of the body. 

Things to know before your laser hair removal:

-Do not wax, pluck, or use Nair Products on treated area

6-8 weeks prior to your initial appointment

-Shave the treated area 24 hours before your scheduled appointment

-No antibiotics for 10 days 

-Shave area to be treated within 24 hours prior to appointment

Available Areas to be Treated

(Laser Hair Removal)

-Inner Buttocks                         




-Upper Lip

-Side Burns







-Basic Bikini




-Face (1/2)



-Upper Arms


-Full Face

-Extended Brazilian




-Upper Back

-Lower Back

-Lower Legs

-Upper Legs

-Full Arms

-Full Legs

-Full Back