Eyelash Extensions

Looking for longer, fuller, & thicker eye lashes?

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent fix for everyday, luscious lashes! 

At Perceptions, we offer Borboleta Classic Eyelash Extensions. Our lash artist, Hannah, is able to create a low-maintenance and natural look for you or a more dramatic, full eyelash appearance.

An average eyelid has approximately 100 natural hairs which shed at an average rate of 20-30% every 2 weeks.

Therefore, when the natural hair sheds, so does the extension that was attached to it.

Since new hairs are always growing in, refills can be performed to attach extensions to the new growth keeping the lashes looking full continuously or for as long as you wish to maintain them.

Pricing for Full Sets & Fills

Full Set:


Fill Prices:

2 Week Fill: 


3 Week Fill:

4 Weeks+ Fill:

$85 & Up* 
*Depending on the amount of lashes you have left*

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