In your massage sessions it’s time to relax, indulge, and heal the body, through the touch of our extraordinary massage therapists. Let this tranquil journey begin by choosing one of our many massages that address your specific needs.

As your massage comes to a close you will feel the rejuvenation of your entire mind and body. Now you realize this is not only an escape from the everyday world but a wellness necessity.

Swedish Massage                 60 min $75/ 90 min $100

Classic, relaxing full body massage         


Deep-Tissue Massage          60 min $90/ 90 min $115

Deep tissue massage for easing pain


Raindrop Therapy               60 min $90/ 90 min $115

Combining essential oils with massage    


Ashiatsu Massage                 60 min $105/ 90 min $145

Deep compression delivered with

therapist’s bare feet


Hot Stone Massage               60 min $115/ 90 min $145

Warm, soothing stones are placed

on pressure points during massage


Prenatal Massage                 60 min $75 / 90 min $100

Gentle techniques used to alleviate

pregnancy ailments